Thursday, July 27, 2017

When you have to pee...

The seat belt sign is switched on and the plane is being prepared for landing. At that precise moment, you get an urge to pee. Does it happen often with you? Do you take the risk to walk up to that claustrophobic washroom and relieve yourself?

After a hard day's work, you get into your bed, covered in a cozy blanket. As you wait for sleep to engulf you, you feel a stirring down there. Do you get out of the bed immediately or do you hold your bladder unsuccessfully for that urge to subside?

It is a holiday, and you are watching a movie in a multiplex, when the Pee-Force strikes you. Would you answer nature's call or would you squirm in your seat because you don't want to miss that pelvic move which Katrina is about to make?

You are in your appraisal and your boss has just completed a discussion on your areas of improvement and failures for the year. Now, he intends to go to the next part (he has been forced by HR to complete that part), where he has to state your key achievements and discuss your strengths. At that moment, you realize that you have had too much water during the appraisal. Would you risk excusing yourself at that moment?

There are always circumstances compelling enough, when you don't listen to your body, but to your heart. 

But then there are situations when you have to pee, you must pee.

If you are on your first date and 'the other' is talking animatedly with you, at that moment, if you have to pee, you must pee. Otherwise, your facial contortions will send a wrong message or may indicate that you are not interested. Instead, find a really cool way to excuse yourself at that moment. Maybe, you should come back with an earbud and announce loudly - "I am all ears"

If you are texting with your wife on a Friday evening, and she asks a really tough question like, "When will you come home?" At that moment, if you have to pee, you must pee. Otherwise you would, under pressure, send an inane reply, like, "Soon!" Instead, wait for a moment, find the nearest urinal and while taking a piss think of a creative way to tell her that you are going out for drinks with your colleagues. In fact ask her to join you. Don't forget to mention the fact, that the girl in your office, whom she hates, is also going to come.

If you are driving through a jungle on a moonless night... Now, would you really do that? I doubt. 

Just mind your Pee's & Q's always. 

Now, I have to pee, so I must pee.