Thursday, December 22, 2005


Jilted in love?
Nagged by your girl friend?
Frustrated by her behavior?
Relationship turned sour?

Don’t worry! Come to this dark and silent by lane of Mumbai for the easy way out! One stop solution for all your relationship worries! Get a big stone and hit her hard as many times as possible before her cries could reach anyone. Hit her hard on head till she bleeds to death.

Please don’t get me wrong readers. This is not what I am suggesting. This is in regards to a recent murder near my institute. Well you people must be thinking, “So what?” Murders are such a common place thing these days. Nobody raises an eyebrow when a person is killed in a brutal act of violence. Bloodshed doesn’t move us anymore. “So why I am writing about a murder?” May be because it happened when I was just on the other side of the wall or may be because the victim and the culprit both were related to our institute in the past or may be just because its all about love going wrong. May be the whole episode tugged my heart strings a little bit…. May be!!!

Sometimes I wonder how love can be so violent. A friend suggested it was not love. It was plain lust…. Still killing her just because she seemed to nag him after years of being in a relationship is too barbarian a thing to do! Was this manifestation of unmanageable stress levels youth go through? The guy must have killed her in a mental fit because after killing her at nine twenty in the night he went to the nearest police station to surrender. He was a shattered soul. That’s what I felt! Naah! I am not trying to justify his actions, not at all. Neither I want to analyze the reasons for his doing so.

I just wonder about the ephemeral nature of relations these days. Somewhere over the years that innocence in love and friendships has evaporated. Perfection is sought in each and every relation. Nobody accepts you as you are with all your flaws. In pursuit of doing away with all these flaws one may go through repeated cycles of stress. Add to it the fast pace of life, highly demanding jobs, academics, ever growing wants… What we get is a youth who can kill someone at 9:20.

Another thought to close this article - which disturbs me a lot - is that when this murder took place, people at my institute were more worried about the reputation of the institute and even media was linking the murder to the institute as if it is accountable for it. Come on give me a break!!! Somebody has died…..


Anonymous said...

Sensitivity at its best!!! kudos

Ankit D said...

Wah Maalik Kya baat ki hai! such blogs can come from only THE Charan deep singh

Anonymous said...

Got me thinkin!!! Yes I suppose Murders don't move us anymore! I warch this series on TV that comes every week about how people are murdered and how police caught the culprit but never involved myself so much as you have!!!

Tractorman said...

Your heart strings should keep tugging to give us such nuggets

Anonymous said...

We want Mumbhai - 3

GJ said...

hey why are u not continuing with ur Mumbhai series

we want Mumbhai-3

reema said...

Very well said, Charandeep! On one hand, YOu are so concerned and affected by the death of a complete stranger, and on the other, the mayor and other political members here in Kansas city were caught making bets on the number of murders we were going to have in kansas city this year. Two extremes on two different sides of the world, I guess....anyways, great article.

reema said...

Very well said, Charandeep. On one hand, I am humbled by your concern about the death of a complete stranger and on the other, I am disgusted by the recent discovery of the local mayor and other political members placing bets on the number of murders in kansas city within this year....Great article though, keep it up!

Kunal said...

been a while since i droppd by - too long obviously. i think people would tend to rationalize what happened in the back lane by thinking "murders happen anyway, how do we de-link the Institute from it"? Even I found myself earnestly clarifying first that the students involved were not full-time students, as though there were a taint attached to the event that meant more than the human tragedy itself.

Stress? Lust? Love? I don't know, it just seems so extreme, what happened that day.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! - that must have created a wave.

- J

and i would ditto tractorman's comment :-).. keep nuggeting