Saturday, October 01, 2016

Unheard Words, Radical Thoughts - Part 3

With this post, I will complete thirty stories for thirty "Words of the Day" shared on our Readers' Club's WhatsApp group in September 2016. That calls for a little celebration. This little daily ritual has helped me rejuvenate my blog. Happy reading and writing to you all. 

Here are today's three stories.

noun [pur-uh d-ven-cher, per-]
chance, doubt, or uncertainty

Tale: Thank God It's Friday

As she scrolled through his mobile phone, her heart sank. The man she had loved so intensely had been betraying her for months. Each text message proved beyond peradventure his guilt. He had been indulging in sinful activities without her knowledge. Every Friday night he was going for binge drinking with his friends. While she thought that he was working hard at office.

noun [lohd-stohn]
something that attracts strongly

Tale: Nature of Attraction

Moths get attracted to fire. This is a fatal attraction. An attraction that kills. But moths never learn. That is the nature of attraction.

He was driving on the expressway. He had to urgently reach somewhere. Then he heard that lilting voice. A song
from his childhood filled his ears. The voice, reminded him of his mother's lullaby. The song like a lodestone, made him change his path. Instead of going to his destination, he took a by-lane and followed the sound. He kept going round in circles but he never reached the source of the sound. He knew he was going to get free today. He drove his car off the cliff. The sound stopped.

adjective [te-stood-n-l, -styood-]
pertaining to or resembling a tortoise or tortoise shell

Tale: It... 

Her three year old suitcase was witness to several unspeakable things she did over this period. It had gone through the rumble and tumble of her extensive travels and adventures. She used it, stuffed it, abused it to no end. But it was a suitcase with testudinal strength, that had many secrets of hers stored in its belly. It had seen her naked many times snorting off lines of coke drawn on its top pocket. One of her boyfriends once even dropped his ejaculate on its back. The suitcase still embarrassingly carries that stain. But it still remained by her side through her highs and lows, despite her never taking care of it. Today a new larger, pink one caught her fancy. It lies in a corner waiting to be thrown away in a dump.

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