Saturday, January 21, 2012

While I was away

I have been away from this space for so long, that I am finding it difficult to get hang of my own blog. So while I was away, the following things happened in my life –

  1. I married the ‘girl next door’ both literally and figuratively, so blog had to take a back seat :-)

  2. I changed three homes, but still don’t have a place of my own in Mumbai. This was one of the many things that kept me busy.

  3. I got two promotions, and was so pre-occupied with worldly things, that I ignored many things I actually love to do. Hope I will be able to do better in future.

  4. I watched loads and loads of movies. (Kept posting my reviews on facebook and twitter)

  5. While I ignored my blog, I stopped reading others’ blogs too. But the two blogs I discovered and kept following were authored by Prateek and Sayesha.

  6. I travelled to Malaysia, Bali, Singapore, and London and enjoyed every bit of it.

  7. And I did many other things, which are either not worth mentioning or I have forgotten.