Saturday, May 16, 2020

Reflection #AtoZChallenge2020


Fourth time. In four years!

My fourth consecutive, successful year of this blogging challenge provides me a sense of accomplishment, like nothing else. Writing is such a self-sufficient pursuit. And I mostly love it, because I have no material expectations from this. 

The 'reflection' post is a tradition of A to Z Challenge. This post is to look back at the challenge and see what worked and what didn't. It is also to thank all those who supported and encouraged me throughout the challenge. 

In each year that I have participated in this challenge, there have been different obstacles, that I had to overcome to complete it. In 2017, I was new to the challenge and I wasn't mentally prepared to handle the grind of daily posts. In 2018, I was better prepared mentally, but I picked up a theme and narrative structure which was tough to execute. And, I was travelling a lot. In 2019, I chose a topic close to my heart (Bollywood cliches) and had all topics listed before hand. But I had to undergo a surgery, so several posts were written when I was bed-ridden. This year, due to lock-down, while I was working from home, working hours were crazy. Many times, I had to wake up early to write the posts. Also this was the first time, my theme (Lock-down blues) was unfolding in front of my eyes on a daily basis. The times were and are gloomy, but I mostly wanted to write positive stories. Though some dark ones slipped through. 

This year, I played with forms of my posts to a certain extent. I wrote few poems/free verses, one even in Hindi, titled Saare Kutte. But the poem I enjoyed writing the most is Obdurate God. I wrote few fictional stories too, this year. While all are very close to my heart and are based on my observations about human greed, depravity and kindness, the one which got maximum love and appreciation from my readers is Joker in the Pack. There was this fun post, I wrote, about a conversation between inanimate objects. I think it turned out decent. You can read 'Umbrella, A Pair of Formal Shoes & That Suitcase' here. From my regular posts, the one which got the highest number of readers was Marketing Communication during Lockdown

As always, there were few posts (out of  the twenty-six, I wrote in this April Challenge) of mine which I think didn't turn out well. Youth & Regret is a decent poem, but later I felt that it had a weak link with my theme. 

I would like to thank all my family members, friends and fellow bloggers who read the posts daily and commented on the blog posts. Many of you sent a word of appreciation or encouragement through Facebook comments and WhatsApp messages. Those messages really kept me going. 

I would also like to thank some of the fellow participants in this challenge, who regularly read my blog and posted their comments. Each of them has a really interesting and niche blog. Sharing links and details below.

Joy Weese Moll talked about "What to pack on your creative Journey" . Joy's comment on my T post was a really interesting insight. 

Janet scrapbooked 26 concerts on her blog during the month. Something which I would have found really tough to do. 

Frederique's blog is about artistic endeavors. Have a look. 

Vidya's blog is something I aspire to have. Her book stacks amaze me and her command over writing mesmerizes me. 

While my challenge on Lock-down blues was over 16 days ago, we are still not out of the fear and chaos the lockdown has caused. I hope by the time we return for the next challenge, our world is more open, beautiful and kind. 


My theme for 2017's #AtoZchallenge was Anecdotes & Stories from my Life. You can read all the posts from this challenge here.