Thursday, September 22, 2016

Words that trigger stories - Part 3

When words are shared on our Readers' Club WhatsApp group, everyone tries to make a sentence. I always appreciate the efforts of story telling rather than the proper usage or grammar. I believe story telling is the most important skill in any aspect of life.

Stories keep conversations alive. Stories help you sell things. Stories can move people.

So here are 3 stories which I crafted for 3 words of the day, which were shared on different days in this group.

noun [long-guh-nim-i-tee, lawng-]
patient endurance of hardship, injuries, or offense; forbearance

Tale: It's my Choice

A long, hard and cold iron rod was shoved up his arse by one of the captors. Three other men held him tight in his position. He knew that today he will die. He was shouting and crying in pain, but in his mind he was at peace. As tears of agony flowed from his eyes, his heart was smiling. He knew that today he will die and get free from this relentless torture being inflicted on him for months or may be years. He didn't remember when was the last time he saw sunlight. His eyesight was lost when they put acid in it. He doesn't know why was he picked up or who was holding him in captivity. He had stopped asking questions long ago. Actually he stopped talking, the day he was forced to eat his own poop. He knew that day that his captors are not human beings. His longanimity had helped him survive for so long, but he decided today not to suffer anymore. He decided to die today. This was the only decision that was completely his. He was free to take this decision. He wanted to exercise his choice. His captors can't control his destiny. Today was the day he decided to die. As they brought the rod out, smeared with blood and threw it on the floor, he stood up on his feet and smiled faintly. Then he spat on the face of one of the captors and collapsed immediately after. He had stopped breathing.

adjective [ki-mer-kuh l or ki-mer-ik; -meer-, kahy-]
wildly fanciful, highly unrealistic

Tale: Shock and Awe

He stepped on the stage amidst a huge applause from his acolytes. In next one hour, he shared his vision for future. A terrifying future which will be ruled by machines. Sitting in the audience, I increasingly became cynical about his dystopian and chimerical ideas. I was shocked to know at the end of the event, that it was his robotic surrogate who was on stage. He never turned up. 

noun [uh-fley-tuh s]
inspiration; an impelling mental force acting from within

Tale: Divine Awakening

She started the day on the regular note. Doing her daily chores, she was praying continuously. The chants of mantras could be heard if one was really close to her. Her faith in God was unshakeable and unquestionable. After completing her morning activities, she had a hearty lunch and went off to sleep. She didn't wake up for two days after that. Widowed long ago, she had no children to take care of her. She stayed alone in a hut outside the village. No one noticed her absence. The villagers were blinded by a bright light emanating from her hut after two days. As they ran towards the spectacle, they could hear the chants of that old lady, but much louder than ever before. They could hear it from a distance. As they reached the hut, the old lady was sitting in a lotus position and floating mid-air. By some divine afflatus, she was able to explain all her chants to the villagers in a simple language. She herself didn't know the meaning of these mantras before she slept two days ago. People are worshiping her as a goddess. She still believes strongly in the supreme one.

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