Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Words that trigger stories - Part 2

Here are the three short tales, which generated heated discussion on the Readers' Club WhatsApp group. As usual my process was simple. A word is shared on the group every day and I close my eyes. Each word has a sound to it and it conjures a particular imagery in my mind, as I close my eyes. I try to be honest to that first thought which comes to my mind, when I listen or see the word of the day and construct a story or sentences around that thought.


noun [sur-kuh m-ben-duh-buh s]
a roundabout way; circumlocution

Tale: Love is Blind

They both left the office together. She was besotted with her senior. Not only was he powerful in the company, he was very intelligent too. When he offered her a ride back home, she like an excited kid jumped at the prospect of spending some quality time with him. His car was a plush sedan with very comfortable seats. She was also happy that today she avoided the local train crush. Romantic songs were playing at a low volume in the car when he took a left turn instead of right. He told her that it was a circumbendibus to her home and he just wanted to spend more time with her. She was immensely happy to hear that. After few minutes, he slowly put his left hand up her thighs. She got scared and let out a cry. He stopped his car in middle of nowhere and raped her repeatedly. Her dreams and aspirations flowed out with tears in her eyes. Her father will never send her to work again.

adjective [oh-ver-wee-ning]
presumptuously conceited; overconfident, or proud

Tale: Master and his Slave

She was the best slave he ever had. Taking care of all needs of her overweening master, she never did protest. Her day started early in the morning, with preparation of a hearty breakfast. On good days, he will appreciate her culinary skills, but mostly he will scold her for not making dishes the way he liked them. After breakfast, she would scrub the floors of the large house he owned. One day he found some dirt in one corner and he gave her a sound beating for being careless. That day her forehead got a scar for life. She washed his clothes every afternoon and then ironed them with love. That was the task she enjoyed the most. Somehow she found this a less mundane task and it gave her an inexplicable purpose. Every night, he would come home and summon her to his king-size bed. She was expected to behave coyly while he fulfills his carnal desires. He never cared for what she wanted. One night she was burning with fever, but still her body was ravaged multiple times. She almost died that night and was hospitalised. A compassionate doctor treated her and learned from her about the abusive marriage she was trapped in. He helped her take a divorce from her husband.

noun [ep-uh-nim]
a person, real or imaginary, from whom something takes or is said to take its name 

Tale: Dynamite Irony

He made a fortune by selling arms and weapons of all kinds. He invented dynamite. Ironically, he is the famous eponym of the Nobel Peace Prize.

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