Monday, September 26, 2016

Words that trigger stories - Part 6

What compels me to write a story everyday?

When there are days when no one responds on "Word of the Day" shared on our Readers' Club group  called "Literati Bugs", why I make an effort to do so?

I have left many of my passions behind in pursuit of money and because of my work. Here was a quick way to keep my passion alive, by writing a short tale on this group everyday. It could not have been easier than this. Had I not done that and let my inertia overpower, I would not have been able to face myself in the mirror.

Here are three such stories which people really found beautiful.

noun [loo-si-duh]
the brightest star in a constellation

Tale: Fading Star

She had a large happy family. With four strapping sons and three beautiful daughters, she had lived a wholesome life. Her universe was centered around this constellation of really amazing children. But her youngest son was the one she really loved more than others. She used to cook special dishes for him too. He was the lucida of her family, who faded away from her life. On his eighteenth birthday he came to know that she was not his biological mother. He left home in search of his roots. She never recovered from the shock and died unhappy eventually.

noun [al-buh-traws, -tros]
a seemingly inescapable moral or emotional burden, as of guilt or responsibility

Tale: The Ultimate Confession

"Hi son! I have to confess something. I never loved you. Every time I told you that since your childhood, I was lying. You turned out to be a great child. I wish I could love you but I was never able to forget that incident. Once you turned eighteen, I tried many times to tell you the truth. The truth that is the ugliest. I wanted to tell you the story of a betrayal which I could never forgive. But I stopped myself from revealing the truth. I wanted you to go out in the world and face it like a man. But as I am on death bed today, I can't leave without telling you the entire thing. Son, your mother didn't die during childbirth. She just ran away with her lover, leaving you behind. I am not even your real father. Her lover was your father. I die with a regret that I could never love you. This was an albatross around my neck but I wanted to die without any burden. I wish I have my own son like you in next life."

He stopped this video, his father had left behind. He got it from his father's lawyer after he took his last breath. He was teary eyed and he knew in his heart that he was lucky to have him and his unconditional love.

Bon mot
noun [bon moh] 
a witty remark or comment; clever saying; witticism

Tale: Cock-Tales 

As he pulled his chair closer to her, he could smell her beautiful fragrance. Her jet black hair had driven him crazy since he saw her first at the pub that night. He was at his chivalrous best, when he offered to buy her a drink. She was also flirting with him unabashedly and accepted the drink. As they finished their first round of drinks, he made a double entendre with a lewd gesture, "Would you like a Screwdriver or Sex on the Beach?"

Not the one to remain behind, she replied with a quick bon mot showing him, her middle finger, "Not really, I prefer to have Virgin Mary when out with strangers."

They both laughed at this banter and are best friends since that night.

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