Friday, September 23, 2016

Words that trigger stories - Part 4

Many times, fellow group members of our Readers' Club WhatsApp group have asked me, how can I imagine stories or what is my inspiration. I have always maintained that stories come from my own experiences, observations and reading. There is so much happening all around us. If we observe carefully, there are stories everywhere.

Here are three such stories (based on Word of the Day shared on the group) which didn't necessarily stem from my own experiences but from what I saw, read or heard. Yes, the incidents may not have happened exactly like that or in same setting. But then that's why human beings are endowed with something called imagination.

adjective [fluh-ves-uh nt]
turning yellow; yellowish

Tale: The Dish Best Served Cold

He grinned at the sight of blood. As the black blood flowed towards the gutter, the sound of the dying woman was being muffled by him. He had kept her mouth shut tightly with both his hands. He had been searching for her since a month now. Today as she turned up at the pub, he spiked her drink and took her out. He then smashed her head against the wall. As he was grinning, his flavescent teeth, shone through the darkness in that alley. Anybody who would have seen him at that time, would have got scared seeing the devil in him. Till last month he was a decent office going fellow. This woman had bullied his daughter and stripped her in front of everyone. As everyone was laughing at his daughter, she had escaped the pub and got hit by a fast moving truck.

noun [yoo-tak-see, yoo-tak-see]
good order or management 

Tale: Incurable

His strong belief that eutaxy can be established by the gun, led him to commit the atrocities of the worst kind. He is known as the most cruel autocrat of this decade. It took a rebellion from his daughter to bring him down. His daughter revolted because, the autocratic leader killed the girl she loved madly. He thought he will be able to cure her homosexual disease.

noun [dab-ster]
an expert

Tale: Shadows of the Past

"You are a dabster at breaking hearts", she said in a weepy tone and stomped out of the room. Her friends had warned her about his reputation, but she couldn't stop herself from falling in love with him. He was an ultimate charmer, with an attractive accent and an impish smile. His deep eyes will make any girl trust him. Before he could explain her that the girl he had just hugged was his sister, she had gone. He was truly and madly in love with her but his colourful past had come back to haunt him. 

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