Wednesday, April 19, 2017

P : Perfect Response

There are times in life, when saying a lot means nothing. And then there are occasions, when a right combination of words or for that matter a single word said in the right context, can leave a lasting impact.

A tough situation emerges at your work place and your boss tells in the team meeting that he trusts you to do it. It does a lot of good for your confidence.

When a lover makes a grave mistake, but calls his / her partner and says a heartfelt sorry, the pain, the hurt just evaporates. There is no need for explanations. Sometimes even words are not required. A warm hug is the perfect response.

You haven't talked to a friend for ages. And you conclude that things will never be the same again. After months, she calls you and says a hello in her trademark way. What happens? It seems that you never stopped talking over the months of silence.

A perfect response doesn't require much if your heart is in the right place and you don't have any malicious intent. 

VG used to report to me. I had a boss who insisted on being called by his first name. But VG would always address him as Sir. He was not able to adjust to this first name culture. After months of failure to convert VG into a non-Sir calling junior, one day VG and my boss, perchance were travelling in the same car. 

My boss asked VG, "Why do you keep calling me Sir? Had we met in a non-office setup then what would you have called me?" 

VG replied, "Uncle"."

You can imagine the silence in the car thereafter. The subject of calling people by their first names was never broached again.


Anonymous said...

It requires gut to call your superior boss UNCLE. Anyway I am thinking what your boss would be thinking after listening uncle for himself!!!

Charan Deep Singh said...

@Anonymous - I think he wouldn't have felt bad. One he was trying to be good by instituting first name culture. And VG also said it without any bad intention. The response was spontaneous and honest and that's why it is perfect response.

Abhilash Mohan said...

Did your boss not laugh out loud... this read was good!!

Charan Deep Singh said...

@Abhilash - I am sure his jaw dropped at the gumption of the guy.