Wednesday, April 04, 2018

D : Do's and Don'ts of Life #AtoZchallenge

The moment you are born till the time you die, you live by a code. A code, that is hard wired into your brains by the society. As you grow up, you see some people going beyond the code, or even breaking it. Some of them end up in jail (Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh) and others in politics (Arvind Kejriwal). It is amazing how Laloo Prasad Yadav has managed both. Salute!

And then there are few crazy ones whom you idolize. Like Salman Khan! (The hero of a superb film, Tere Naam)! He is different. He has succeeded as an actor without knowing acting. His biceps have better acting chops and dancing skills. He is not your regular Joe, who lives by a code. Thus he generates hysteria among his acolytes. His acolytes then normalize his divergent behavior by making it a code. They even standardized the hair cut that made niqab (veil) proud.

But what is this code? It is a certain set of Do's and Don'ts which you have to abide by. Let us look at the code by which Salman Khan's fans live by - 

Do's - Go to gym. Drink Protein Shake. Go Home. Drink something else. Drive on the footpath.

Don'ts -Don't Care about money (Read black money bucks). Don't do Hard work. Don't give a damn!

I got inspired by this and thought of drafting a code for a particular segment of people as defined below:

Males, Age 18 - 30 years, MBAs with engineering degrees

Disclaimer: This category already lives by this code. I have just drafted it. So at best, this work is derivative. 

Do's & Dont's 

1. Engineering degree is a pre-requisite for an MBA.
1. Don't use that degree to get a job and be productive before MBA.

2. Drinking liquor is an important tool to complete your Engineering.
2. Don't mix soft drinks with hard liquor. That was for school.

3. Always ensure you have a friend who compiles class notes for you in Engineering.
3. Don't be that friend.

4. Drinking liquor is an important tool to complete your MBA.
4. Don't mix soda with hard liquor as water is good enough. Soda was for engineering.

5. Ensure you write something (min. 10 lines) as an answer to any question in your MBA exams. 
5. Don't do that if you are doing MBA in Finance.

6. Get placed in some damn company, some shitty job during MBA. Doesn't really matter which one.
6. Don't stay there for long.

7. Drinking liquor is an important tool to survive the first job.
7. Don't mix water with hard liquor. Ice is important to relieve pain. Water was for MBA.

8. Marry now. Very few good-natured and good-looking girls are left now. (Doctors, Big Data / Analytics' guys and those smart ones who chose to do an MBA in Finance, have cornered most of them)
8. Don't ask for dowry. (Customary Social Message)

Now you are married. Let her decide your Do's and Don'ts.

My last year's challenge post from letter D was about Divinity Classes we had in school. Read it here.

My theme for this year's #AtoZchallenge is all about writing stories, anecdotes and observations from my life in form of easy to read listicles. You can read the theme reveal post here.


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