Monday, April 16, 2018

N : Never Ever #AtoZchallenge

This is not a motivational post which spouts inanities like "Never Ever Give Up." 

Have you never ever tried something (again), after you tried it once? Like calling your wife fat. 
Good. When you know the repercussions of an action because of your experience, you make informed calls. Well, this post is not about such 'Never-Evers'. 

What are the things you will never ever do, despite not knowing how it feels like doing them? Like calling your wife fat. Good. When you know the repercussions of an action because of someone else's experience, you are relying on age-old wisdom. Well, this post is not about such 'Never-Evers' too.

But then there is a specific category of  'Never-Evers' which interests me. These are not simple ones. You never ever do these things, not because you have had a bad experience in the past or because you learned from others. These are the things, you will never ever do, because you don't have in it you to do them. You are a milksop. I am sure you will never ever use this word, milksop, to describe yourself. 

Here are the 10 things, I dare you to do. I am sure you have never ever done them. Neither you have seen anyone else doing them. You don't have experience of your own or wisdom of others to rely on. Then what's stopping you from doing them!

1. You will never ever turn up for work in only your undies, until and unless it is a costume party or you are into water sports or something like that ;-)

2. You will never ever slap spit on your boss' face. Well a slap seemed realistic to me.

3. You will never ever fart urinate in your office cabin. I just remembered, I saw one guy farting in his cabin, few moons ago. And if you are the one who can urinate in his / her office cabin, you are a legend! I would never ever like to meet you. 

Okay! You think I am just listing the weird ones. Try the next few ones then.

4. You will never ever stop after you take out the first chip from the Lays packet. Even the commercial goes, "No one can eat just one". 

5. You will never ever be able to stop yourself from stealing a glance at that hot chick who just passed by you. Don't lie. I know you. This is easy. But then you have conditioned reflexes. 

6. You will never ever see a good Salman Khan film. Oh! Don't sulk! Don't tell me that he has never ever done a good film. You will never ever say that in front of him. 

Okay! Here are few straight ones. Will you try at least?

7. You will never ever lie. Really? There, you just told a lie.

8. You will never ever believe in news. But you always do. You know they are lying. But you are a sucker for gossip and even worse stuff that media peddles. 

9. You will never ever forward a stupid video on WhatsApp. What? Am I being unreasonable now?

Last one! For me.

10. I will never ever write a post on a topic which doesn't make sense. Oh! Come on! You think this post is nonsense. You will never ever have a good sense of humor. 

My last year's challenge post from letter N was about many firsts in the city of Nagpur. Read it here.

My theme for this year's #AtoZchallenge is all about writing stories, anecdotes and observations from my life in form of easy to read listicles. You can read the theme reveal post here.


Anonymous said...

Why did you use Trump's photo as click bait. It has nothing to do with your post..hahaha----ishwinder

Charan Deep Singh said...

Read his lips carefully ish. He is using those words.