Friday, April 13, 2018

L : Left Behind #AtoZchallenge

* Do you cling on to things?

* Do you find it difficult to let go of your mistakes?

* Do you live in past?

* Do you remember things which you shouldn't?

* Do you seek closure for everything?

* Do you regret taking that gym membership which you never utilized?

* Are you unable to break up with your nagging girl friend?

* Are you missing your ex-boss, whom you hated, when you were working under him?

If answer to any of these questions is Yes, you haven't developed the art of leaving things behind you. 

* When was the last time, you left behind something and didn't think about it again, ever?

If your answer is "Never", I pity you. 

While only you can help yourself in this situation, I will give some helpful tips for few standard issues that you think can never be left behind. 

Disclaimer: Try them at your own risk. The author of this post doesn't take any responsibility for your actions based on the suggestions made here.

Issue 1: You got a dent on your new car and you are constantly worried about it.

Tip: Hit your head hard on the place where your car is dented. The dent you get on your head is now a bigger issue. You will forget your car dent.

Generic Lesson: Worry only about bigger issues!

Issue 2: Your boss asks you difficult questions everyday for which you don't have answers. Once a week you receive a public dressing-down from him. You are finding it difficult to leave thoughts of this behind you, over the weekends.

Tip: Always answer his questions. It doesn't matter if you know the right ones. Use phrases like "Totally agree", "As per the recent study", "I will do this provided you support on...", "What do you think about it" etc. liberally. Also keep smiling like crazy when he scolds you. Now your boss will be worried over weekends - confounded by your mysterious smile and your thought provoking, yet random answers. 

Generic Lesson: Face your problems with a smile and when life throws a googly at you, play it on the front foot!

Issue 3: You are constantly short of funds. You worry that you earn less than others. You are constantly running and still not getting anywhere.

Tip 1: Make friends with people earning less than you. They will tell you their sob stories. You will not remember yours. (This kind of logic was actually given to me by one of my ex-bosses, when I asked for a raise. I am telling you, there are all kinds of creatures in this world)

Tip 2: Take risks and pick a high reward vocation . You can gamble, become a contract killer or a politician. Though in gambling and contract killing, you will have to do some work.

Generic Lesson: Others' misery is a great stabilizing factor and you can't expect different results by doing the same things. Shake it up!

Issue 4: You are always worried about your calorie intake. You don't get time to exercise. You wish your weight was left behind in your past.

Tip 1. Marry the nagging girlfriend I mentioned in the 7th question above. She will make you dance on her tunes and run around her. You won't need any gym membership after that. 

Generic Lesson: Some issues can only be solved when you have a great partner!


I hope by now you have understood that every bothersome thing can be left behind if you really want it to. For getting solutions to your specific problems, you can state the problem in the comments section and deposit the fees in my back account. 🤣

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My theme for this year's #AtoZchallenge is all about writing stories, anecdotes and observations from my life in form of easy to read listicles. You can read the theme reveal post here.


Iain Kelly said...

I enjoyed some of your solutions, although I may not try all of them out! :-)

Charan Deep Singh said...

I am happy you enjoyed iainkelly. Do tell me which ones you would try...

Shirley Corder said...

Some clever suggestions, but I'm not sure I'll be trying them any time soon. Especially the dent in the car thingy. We've just got our car back from having a dent beaten out! A to Z Challenge - L is for Learn Something New!

Unknown said...

An interesting post with some good hints for "lightening up."
I am recently retired, moved and living part-time in another county. Needless to say I have needed to let go of much.
The one thing I would advise never to let go of is meaningful people in your life.

Charan Deep Singh said...

So you have left behind the dent Shirley. Good 🙂

Charan Deep Singh said...

So true Leslie. Cheers 🍻🙂