Friday, April 06, 2018

F : FREE SPIRIT - Why do I write? #AtoZchallenge

Everyone has a set of unfulfilled dreams. We work towards fulfilling some and we don't work on others. That's called prioritization, you would say. But then some dreams can't be put into any such category. 

I dream to be an author of a best-selling novel / book. But I have never worked towards it. So is it an unfulfilled dream? 

If I really get to core of the matter, it is writing that gives me happiness. And I have been writing for long. Some times in my personal diaries, and at times on blogs or notes on other mediums. 

Does that take me closer to fulfilling my dream? Not really. 

Will I ever earn money off my writing? Can't say. 

Am I really a good writer? Subjective.

But does writing make me feel good? Oh! Yeah.

I started this blog in 2005 and called it Free Spirit... Because that is how I feel about this space. This is one of the few things that are truly my own creation. It gives wings to my thoughts and every time I publish a new post, my spirits get lifted. I don't think some of the posts are even read by many. But just the completion of a post gives me a high. I also started another blog on my passion for movies later. I haven't updated that since long though. 

Let me put down list of things, which makes writing, such a pleasure for me. (There was an essay in Amish's Immortal India on the same subject, which inspired me to do this.)

1. I write, because I can - I believe, I have stories to tell and that's why I write.

2. I write, because it gives me a sense of completion - Most of things in life - in job and personal space - are without any closed loops. Things always remain in perpetual motion. Writing makes me feel accomplished that way. 

3. I write, because there are always multiple truthful versions of each incident and anecdote - There are so many life experiences where others are involved. Each one remembers those incidents from his / her vantage point. When I write about those experiences from my point of view, my versions become etched in history.

4. I write, because it helps me learn - When I write, I am forced to structure my random thoughts in a coherent manner. This improves my articulation. I get to learn new words and phrases. I research some times on varied subjects to write. Writing is a great learning tool.

5. I write, because I have a good imagination - When I write, I can create my own world. I create. I am the God in that world. 

6. I write, because I have a son - When my son grows up to be a young man, I will be old. My written stories will showcase my youth and he will have tough life-goals to match ;-)

7. I write, because I fear amnesia - I have a morbid fear of memory loss. I document happy and not so happy experiences of my life, so that if I ever lose memory, my stories are not lost.

8. I write, because they love it -  My ex-girlfriends, my wife and my mother all love(d) the fact that I write. Why do I even need other reasons to write?

My last year's challenge post from letter F was about a booze induced incident titled Fish in the Pond. Read it here.

My theme for this year's #AtoZchallenge is all about writing stories, anecdotes and observations from my life in form of easy to read listicles. You can read the theme reveal post here.


Iain Kelly said...

The eternal question. I think it has to be for enjoyment, and the chance to be creative. If it's just in the hope of making money, you're on to a loser straightaway!

Charan Deep Singh said...

@Iain Kelly - Yes true. That's why money is not part of my list 😊

Unknown said...

I write because I have to and it comes in handy in a pinch.

I have people ask me if I am famous because I am published, wrote radio, have pieces in magazines, won awards.

Nope - only to about 100 children in a village that most people have never heard of and never will.

Your son will always be the beneficiary of your stories (and his children.)

Charan Deep Singh said...

Yes. We write because we have to. So true Leslie.😊